Below is another poem I wrote in my head while modeling.  Three hours in silent unmoving nudity is a long time to think about anything, really.

Yesterday was my last day in that painful pose.  I did 4 weeks/20 days/40 hours/2,400 minutes that same position.  My body started to adjust to the discomfort and I formed the perfect knots and twists in my back so I could stand there comfortably.  Now I need to use my hard earned work money to get a massage, although every time I mention needing a meseus to anyone the men at the bar I work at say “ah, io posso farlo!”  (I can do it).

Heather comes next week and Anne leaves.  It’s weird with all these people coming and going, and Kyle and I are just… here.  It is never really enough time to feel lonely because there is always someone new living with us or visiting, but it is just not the same as having a group of friends.

On a lighter note, I am almost done with Wicked!  I’ve been reading about that wicked witch so much I’ve had dreams about it, which is fun.  Five weeks left and then I go home. Home.

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