Photography has been with me for over twenty years.  It was the dingy high school darkroom of Denver, full of groping and rebellious teenagers where I fell in love with film, processing, and the undeniably magical process of developing your own images.  At Pepperdine University, I took a huge range of excellent courses through the Liberal Arts program and chose a BA in Fine Arts, but with such a small photography program, I pursued painting, another love of mine.  And then there has always been writing.  Writing poetry, essays, fiction, and stream of consciousness has been something so habitual I get nervous when I don’t have a pen.  It seems to bring everything in my life together, bring all of these bits and pieces into a chewable story.  Over the past twelve years I have learned Italian, lived in Scotland, Italy, California, and Colorado, graduated culinary school, become a Certified Sommelier, worked in kitchens, at a brewery, in wine shops, petsitting and dog walking in Malibu, and spent many hours, weeks, months, years doing portrait and nude modeling at one of the best painting schools in Italy.  My passions are abundant but it is all tied together by creativity.  I am so grateful for all of my experiences, and as an artist, I hope to share with you the beauty I find in the light, dark, and everything in between.


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