Emily Rath


jagged rocks on her cheeks

glittering like sharks

swimming in moonlight


smudging lipstick

on your embrace

she shivers

in the afternoon light


no one can find us here

How did this happen?

My heart started beating again

the day you touched it so warmly

with understanding

silent and knowing like the moon

watching us fools try to capture Destiny.

The darkness that once bruised my entire skin

now just reaches for the light.

I saw when you looked at me

that morning.

I don’t understand

how such few words

could hold our hearts

so close, on a palm of colors we can’t

see. Vibrating to sounds we can’t hear.

Singing as our future gently unfolds

like an unfurling leaf reaching for rain

or a sail opening itself to the wind

and sea.

The Mess in my head chased me in my dreams

running restless in sleep

Falling tired, I stopped

setting down the weight I carried,

I let the Mess catch me

and we fell heavy into pillows

Mess and dreams in hand.

Happy Birthday

I didn’t have my head on straight

winding highways and canyons

lost, last year, I found

solace in a barren tree

It is your birthday again

the impossibility

of hiding from a day

like asking thunder

from lightning follow

my memories

clear as horizons

after lifted fog

shaping the space

into new mourning

New York

The roaring train above our heads

more comforting than the the longing

Achingly beautiful in a sad repose

waiting for his breath on my cheek

Big lettered graffiti

on brick red New York faces

and booming hip hop in underground bars

isn’t loud enough to drown out

the water going straight from the heart

to my eyes, pouring as beautiful

and effortless as a peaceful fountain

onto green and wet stone. Inescapable

silence, from my unanswered questions.

A still pond waiting, for the waterlily to bloom.


you burned a scar

onto my chest

your mark, a fire

in a freeze,


my smile

covers the hole

while snow wraps ’round my knees


I could not lie to Spring

she saw

my scar and turned you to snowflake

so when I held you

again in my hands

you melted




you walked inside my heart

and gave me roses to smell

for months I cherished the petals

while the roses fell

you brought my heart more flowers

and sadly they all died

i watered them every morning

with tears of weeping, I tried.

I couldn’t save the romance, dead

nor shut my eyes for days

my spirit fell apart in bed

but your roses stayed.

You tried to feed me flowers

while demons stole my brain

when all my fingers and blood were yours

nothing of me remained.

You lived inside of my heart all winter.

Why the Hell did I let you stay?

A million rose petals

and flowers rotting

in sweet perfume decay.

In March you’re sticking thorns to ribs

but to kill you would kill me too

so I spend my life watering dead petals

still hoping for a me and you.


It started with all of you

And ended with none of me

It rained for days

in my bedroom of blue

And you thought this was simple

But love is a Monster

that doesn’t go away


whine like a dog

’til he turns his head.

sing loud enough

and someone will open the door.

fall into

a sleeping beauty slumber.

you think you will be better.

Forest of thunder

you fool, lost in the lightning made

brightening your grey sky for one moment.

He’s not near

thunder is the only sound

and the ripples hurt

again and again

the thunder quiets

but you

are in the woods alone.


the sky won’t mend your wounds.


your tears won’t water the earth.


The mirror he gifted your heart.

part with yourself

to forget the one

who made


this way.


I can erase a sentence in pencil

I can off sand from the pages

I can throw away the dead flowers

and wash the dirty sheets.


I can delete a mistake in a message

or pick up the underwear from the floor

clean up the mess in my bedroom

but not the mess in my head.


I can sweep up the broken glass

and bandage my burnt hand

I can throw away the evidence

and take out the trash again.


I can run to the cold blue mountain

leave tears by the river in prayer

write all of the boys who love me

I can even write you, too.


I can drink until my brain is wet

and cry to call upon Sleep

I can burn the cigar until it’s all gone

but how do I get rid of you?


I can’t delete the mistake I made.

I can’t erase your words.

I can’t blow you out of my dreams like dust

or throw you out like trash.


You are not as joyful as the blue mountain

Or beautiful like dead flowers

You have brought more pain

than the flames to my hand

So I will erase you,

with time.


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